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June 13, 2014

Generative Craft: Pattern Making with Processing

As part of my experience at Eyeo this week, I was fortunate enough to take a workshop from the very talented Libs Elliot who masterfully blends generative digital art with the physical world.  Most representative of her work is probably her quilts which are designed in Processing, and then cut and stitched by hand.


During the class, we used a custom Processing sketch developed by her and her husband to generate designs that would be imprinted on fabric using‘s Inkodye kits.

For the sketch portion, the code hinged primarily on the HYPE framework for Processing that I’m just diving into and loving a lot.  It provides convenient methods for manipulating images and SVGs.  With this code I created the following design:

After that, we printed out inverted copies of our designs onto Lumi’s Inkofilm using a normal inkjet printer.  The ink only sets into the shirt once exposed to sunlight, so we painted the shirts in the dark and then covered them with our printed films before setting them out in the sun:

I’m really happy with my design but the t-shirt itself didn’t come out too hot due to some noob mistakes.  Regardless, I really enjoyed designing in software to create a tangible output

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