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September 11, 2013

Shakespeare and Ableton

Earlier this year, I was introduced to local comedian Marc Basch and we struck up a conversation about how everything on stage works better with a beat:  music, comedy, and acting.  Even if it isn’t a literal beat, there’s a time signature that most performances work under.

Cut to 8 months later and we’re finalizing our second show together combining music, comedy, and Shakespeare.  On October 5th at the Davis Sq Theatre, we’ll be performing an adapted version of Hamlet that I’ll be live scoring to my music.  Breaking up the play will be stand-up sets performed by the actors.  It’s a unique mix of mediums that works surprisingly well, I think.  More details here:

Although my involvement is more behind the scenes, it’s been fun working with the actors to find the right sounds and atmosphere for the dialogs or monologues.  I’m triggering a live sword battle, adding distortion to show a king’s evil intent, and playing parts of this tune during the confession scene:

Come out on October 5th to see the show!

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