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March 25, 2012

Togetherfest performance w/ multitouch

I just got back from spending the weekend with my brother in NYC building this contraption:

Multitouch device

The multitouch table at home

It’s a FTIR multitouch table that I’ll be performing with next Tuesday @ The Phoenix Landing.  This is v2 of a much jenkier device I built a couple years ago.  This time, instead of being propped up by plastic tubing, it has a solid wood foundation that folds flat for transportation.  Also, instead of balancing the projector precariously on a shoebox, the projector is housed inside and a mirror is used to bounce the projections onto the screen:

The whole idea is that the music interface is also the visual entertainment so there’s parity between what I’m doing, what you’re hearing, and what you’re seeing.  Also it looks freaking cool.  I’ll throw some posts up later about how it works.  Come out on April 3rd to see it in action!

2 to “Togetherfest performance w/ multitouch”

  1. William Fields says...

    Very nice!

  2. Sara B says...

    Hey Adam, coming out tonight to see you @ the phoenix.. pretty pumped to see your new contraption and listen to some beats! -SB

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