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February 4, 2012 ,

mtn live @ Middle East Upstairs 1/31

Last Tuesday I played in a fairly eclectic line up which included girl-punk band Whorepaint, noise rockers HexMap, and hip-hop group Immigrant.  I’d forgotten how great it is to play at a venue with a legit sound system and a keen sound engineer.

Check out the video below for some pretty sweet button mashing.  Mike G from HexMap took the video and asked me the name of the songs contained within.  Truth be told, my live set is a cannibalization of a ton of different parts to different tracks, most of which are unnamed.  After consulting with my friend and unpaid music agent Eric Mill, we settled on “3000………..0000000” as the most appropriate name.

2 to “mtn live @ Middle East Upstairs 1/31”

  1. Sara B says...

    Adam, your stuff is amazing. I heard one of your songs on FNX sunday night boston sessions and it just so happened you played a show at middle east a few days later. Im hooked.

  2. Floader says...

    Glad to hear it! Subscribe to the blog and I’ll post when I have shows coming up.

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